All the recipes in this blog are free from refined sugar and use either zero or low sugar natural sweeteners. 

The recipes are aim to be as low carb as possible too so they are all grain and gluten free – (except for one rogue cake that slipped in!).

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Egg Custard Tart

I’ve been on a cakespirit quest recently - in search of a delicious, minimal-fuss, low-carb equivalent of shortcrust pastry.   The hope has been that a world of pudding, closed to me since the day I stopped eating sugar and high carb food, would re-open…... Namely, the wonderful world of SWEET TARTS! Read more
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Panna Cotta with Compote

Back in the old days, when I could tuck into the sweet course when I was eating out, I used to love panna cotta. It’s such a light, refreshing end to a meal with the satisfying bonus of being able to carve a perfect spoon shape out of its lovely form. I’ve always assumed the attainment of the perfect panna cotta consistency must be a secret art passed down from pudding master to disciple. Read more

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Yay!  Summer is here!  Time for ice-cream!

......or is it? Read more

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Raspberry (and ssshh!....Parsnip) Cake

I’m imagining that parsnips probably aren’t the first ingredient you’d reach for whenever the urge takes you to make a cake. Nor even the third, fourth or fifth. But let me invite you to consider the possibility.

This raspberry sponge is so delicious, so delightfully light, so sinfully moist and more-ish – and its due, in great part, to the addition of the humble parsnip. Read more

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Cake and 2 Veg (Chocolate Sandwich Cake)

The thing about white wheat flour, the staple ingredient in most cakes, is it’s bloody brilliant at turning out a fabulous, moist, light, more-ish sponge. I reckon any old idiot could bake a winning cake with a bag of white flour and some sugar. But if like me, you’re avoiding white flour, because of its effect on blood sugar, some of the lower carb flour alternatives can play hard to get. Sometimes their flavour’s too strong, or the moisture evaporates, or you can open the oven door to a lead missile. Read more

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