All the recipes in this blog are free from refined sugar and use either zero or low sugar natural sweeteners. 

The recipes are aim to be as low carb as possible too so they are all grain and gluten free – (except for one rogue cake that slipped in!).

Plum and Blackberry Friand Bake

This heavenly dessert is an Ottolenghi recipe I came across recently. And what a beauty it is too – to see and to savour.  Only a couple of tweaks were needed to make this recipe low carb with minimal sugars. Read more

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Fudgey Marble Brownie

This is such a pretty wee cake. It’s also creamy chocolate fudge bliss on a plate. And ultimately that’s what matters the most.
It would be perfectly reasonable to assume that the gorgeous, soft chocolate wodge that defines a brownie, can’t possibly be improved upon. But try adding a delicious vanilla cheesecake cream to that aforementioned wodge and I think you’ll find that it can! Read more
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Turmeric Chai Cupcakes

I’m very partial to turmeric chai. It’s such a comforting and satisfying Winter drink. So much so, I felt a call recently to put it into cake form. And what a beautiful transition it made! Read more

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Low Carb Christmas Cake

Here’s my take on the traditional Christmas cake.
It's not the good solid wodge of dried fruits that you usually get with a Christmas cake, but this magnificent beastie lacks none of the Christmas flavour.  And it's rich, luxurious texture is simply irresistable.  I've replaced the conventional marzipan and hard white icing with a generous layer of creamy topping with just a hint of orange tang.  It’s bloody lovely, it really is!  Don’t just take my word for it though …Read more
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Low Carb Christmas Pud

I haven’t eaten Christmas pudding for years. All that dried fruit on top of a hefty refined sugar load makes it a no-no for me. But it’s time to make up for lost time because this little low carb, very low sugar number really hits the spot. Its bursting its trousers with yuletide flavour. Read more

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