All the recipes in this blog are free from refined sugar and use either zero or low sugar natural sweeteners. 

These include xylitol, stevia and yacon syrup - demonstrating that it's possible to enjoy sweet goodies without raising your sugar levels.

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Cranberry Slice

Here’s cheery nod to Christmas – especially if you’re girding your loins for the festive sugar onslaught that’s steamrollering our way. This recipe offers a much calmer, kinder alternative for your body. It’s easy to prepare - and it tastes bloody great. Win win, I’d say. Read more

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Do you ever find that cake just won’t cut it sometimes (no pun intended) – what you really need is CHOCOLATE?
You need what now?

What if you could turbo charge that sublime chocolately treat even more with nourishing seeds and nuts and warm seductive flavours?

Put your pinny on, we’re making tiffin. You won’t need it on long either, this just takes minutes.  It's dead simple.

200g no added sugar plain chocolate.   (Or use 100% cocoa solid plain choc and add (ground) sweetener of your choice)
2 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 ½ tsp ginger powder
50g bashed shelled pistachios
4 prunes chopped into small pieces
20g hulled hemp seeds
20g sesame seeds

Break the chocolate into a heat proof bowl add coconut oil and vanilla extract. Put the bowl in a pan of simmering water and let the chocolate melt slowly.
Meanwhile put hemp and sesame seeds in a bowl.
Add the chopped prunes.
Put the shelled pistachios into a plastic bag and bash them with a rolling pin until they are broken into small pieces. Keep approx. a quarter of them back for decoration and put the rest into the bowl of seeds.
Add the ginger powder and mix well.
As soon as the chocolate has melted, blend in the vanilla and coconut oil.
Add the seeds and fruit to the chocolate and turn out into chocolate bar moulds (The thickness is up to you - my bars were around 50-75mm deep).
(In the absence of chocolate moulds you could put use silicon cake moulds or a small baking tray lined with baking paper).
Sprinkle the pistachios over the top.
Pop into the freezer for 15 minutes to harden.
Keep in the fridge.

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Caramel Nut Brownie

Whenever I’m in a cafe that has some tempting cakes on display, I love checking them out – even though I can’t eat any of them!  It sounds a bit masochistic I know, but I’m a cake geek – (if you hadn’t already noticed). I enjoy admiring other people’s sweet creations, plus the thrill gets even better when I think I can devise a healthier version.

I spotted this cheeky brownie amongst the cake crowd in a beautiful bakery window display last week. Read more

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Panna Cotta with Compote

Back in the old days, when I could tuck into the sweet course when I was eating out, I used to love panna cotta. It’s such a light, refreshing end to a meal with the satisfying bonus of being able to carve a perfect spoon shape out of its lovely form. I’ve always assumed the attainment of the perfect panna cotta consistency must be a secret art passed down from pudding master to disciple. Read more

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Eve's Pudding with Blackberry

Here’s an autumnal twist to a classic apple pudding. The hedgerows where I live are bursting forth with lovely tangy blackberries at the moment. I love gathering them at the end of the Summer - despite the thorn and nettle injuries this usually incurs. I love scoffing them too. Their flavour has so much more character and balls than the fat puffy blackberries you can buy all the year round in the supermarket. Read more

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