All the recipes in this blog are free from refined sugar and use either zero or low sugar natural sweeteners. 

These include xylitol, stevia and yacon syrup - demonstrating that it's possible to enjoy sweet goodies without raising your sugar levels.

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Eve's Pudding with Blackberry

Here’s an autumnal twist to a classic apple pudding. The hedgerows where I live are bursting forth with lovely tangy blackberries at the moment. I love gathering them at the end of the Summer - despite the thorn and nettle injuries this usually incurs. I love scoffing them too. Their flavour has so much more character and balls than the fat puffy blackberries you can buy all the year round in the supermarket. Read more

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Savoury Cake

This post is for anyone else out there whose sugar avoidance extends to reducing carbohydrate consumption too.

Since switching to low carb eating, I’ve found the meal that’s takes the most ingenuity to replace is the packed lunch - have you?  If I were to prepare a meal that needed to remain intact at the bottom of a backpack AND look fresh and appetising a few hours later – I’d have formerly turned to things like tortilla wraps, pitta bread or perhaps a little pastry covered number. (I’m not that keen on salads that have gone warm and wilty, nor having to pack separate dressings and cutlery).

We’re usually pretty disparaging towards those who re-invent the wheel but where do you stand on re-inventing the cake? Read more

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Sumptious Seed Bar (Raw)

These wee seed bars deliver a lot of oomph and nourishment per slice. They’re almost a meal in a cake and humongously rich and spicy. What’s more they’re quick and easy to make - no cooking is involved. You just need a nutri-bullet or a blender of sorts, capable of mashing some of the seeds down into a glorious creamy wodge. Read more

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Parsnip and Orange Sandwich Cake

I love browsing food recipes in bookshops, particularly recipes for sinful sweet treats. They can usually be adapted to a minimal sugar, low carbohydrate version with a little scheming. When I stumbled across the notion of a sandwich cake that combined orange and mixed spice, my heart was won.  

And what better champion to help replace the original recipe’s white flour and bring some texture and earthy sweetness to the venture, than the humble parsnip? Read more

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Yay!  Summer is here!  Time for ice-cream!

......or is it? Read more

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