The cake crusade

There are many plusses to life without refined sugar and a diet low in sugars and carbohydrates, namely the significant improvement in the way you feel.  But currently there remains a significant downside – you’ll miss out on eating cakes and sweet treats that other people make.  Especially when you go out to cafes and restaurants. 

Despite the health crisis we’re facing as a result of our refined sugar consumption, oddly there still remains very little available out there that's free from refined sugar and also genuinely low in sugar, (not all natural alternative sweeteners are low in sugar).  Especially if you'd like to enjoy, once in a while, a cake with a cuppa in a café,  a dessert with a restaurant meal, or to be able to pick up a suitable snack from a shop.

……..hence the Cake Crusade!

If you'd like to see more healthy alternatives to the usual sugared up cakes and desserts in cafes and restaurants, please join me by asking for it.  Try suggesting to chefs and bakers in your local cafes and restaurants that they rise to the thrill and the challenge of making delicious cakes and sweet culinary temptations without sugar and white flour.  Maybe direct them to the recipes on this site to set their sugar free cake imagination alight.

It’s a drop in the ocean, I realise - just a humble crumb in an Infinite Sponge, but it’s something, and the responses I’ve received so far have always been positive.

The more of us who do ask, the more likely the day will come when we can have our (healthier) cake and eat it.

Download Lindsey's recipe booklet - Click here