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    Ginger & Apricot Cake

    In the world of cake, ginger is normally inseparable from black treacle or molasses.  So this cute little sweetmeat is an especially happy apparition in my cake tin.    And it packs a punch too.  It’s probably more of a Winter warmer than a slice of Summer, but I can’t hang around that long to get to eat it. Read more

    Clementine Cake

    When the season for clementines comes round, what better, more constructive way to spend your time than making a refined sugar free cake out of the little buggers, then wolfing down a piece with a fellow cake friend?  Leaving out the table sugar doesn’t have to mean austerity and this winner couldn't be further from it. It's the cake equivalent of a soft Winter duvet.
    Read more

    Coconut Brownies

    If you want to be brought to your knees in cake rapture, this brownie recipe is the one to do it.  It’s rich and it tastes naughty and illicit. It is pretty calorific, but there’s some nutritious stuff in there too – chia seeds, golden(inca) berries and nuts to help keep you big strong and cute.  Read more

    Chocolate Squidge Cake

    There’s a couple of interesting things about this gorgeous wee cake. Firstly, it’s made without flour of any kind. It’s basically a baked chocolate mousse with (the very same) chocolate mousse spread on the top. Secondly it tantalizingly teeters along a delicious line between cake and squidgy fudgey puddingy chocolate mess…… Oh, and one more thing …it’s very easy to make. Read more