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    Banoffee Pie

    Amazingly, this banoffee pie delivers a glorious toffee flavour.  For a pud made without caramelised refined sugar, this is a remarkable thing. Read more

    Cherry and Almond Cake

    Call me old fashioned but I think Morello cherries are classy.  Combine them with a sweetened spongey batter and you get the cake equivalent of the Bentley limousine. Read more

    Raspberry cake with creamy topping

    This delightful little raspberry cake is so soft and light I want to lay my head on it.  It’s a perfect Summer cake. Read more

    Mr Veranda and His Chocolate Potato Cake

    When I first learnt I was diabetic, I threw out most of my cake recipes in a fit of over-zealousness. I now realise that a lot of “normal” cake and pudding recipes can be easily adapted and made both refined sugar free and diabetic friendly too. Which brings me to this chocolatey triumph….Read more

    Spiced Pistachio, Coconut and Carrot Cake

    I love this cake and I want to marry it.  This little Middle Eastern cakey beauty’s so moist, soft and yum-tious.  The nuts and coconut give the cake texture. The generous dollop of cinnamon gives sweetness and warmth.  And the rich citrusy flavour of the chopped golden berries permeate the cake. Read more