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Spiced Pistachio, Coconut and Carrot Cake

sugar free pistachio and carrot cake

I love this cake and I want to marry it.  This little Middle Eastern cakey beauty’s so moist, soft and yum-tious. Read more

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Red Velvet Cake

sugar free red velvet cake

The things that sets this luscious, delectable little cake apart, are the sexy colour and the cheeky addition of ginger and cardamom. Read more

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Raspberry Brownies

It’s Mid-Summer and I’ve become obsessed with raspberries.  I think I need to check myself into a 12 step raspberry recovery programme.  It’s the delicate fragrancy of their flavour that gets to me.  And probably it’s a lot to do with me treating myself recently to a bottle of Medicine Flower Raspberry Extract. Read more

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Parsnip, Cardamom and Rose Cake

Oh my god!  I’ve attained cake consciousness.   This little spongey beaut is a variation on a carrot and cinnamon cake I make often.  I replaced the carrots and cinnamon for parsnips and cardamom with a little rosewater and the result is exquisite. Read more

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Clementine Cake

sugar-free clementine cake

When the season for clementines comes round, what better, more constructive way to spend your time than making a refined sugar free cake out of them, then wolfing down a piece with a fellow cake friend?  Leaving out the table sugar doesn’t have to mean austerity and this winner couldn't be further from it. It's the cake equivalent of a soft Winter duvet.Read more

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